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ZeroSix received perfect score 10/10 on Hacken Blockchain Security Auditor

Hacken Small

The results are in from our audit with Hacken.

We received a perfect score (10/10)! 

We are proud to be able to provide high-quality carbon credits and offer solutions to our clients that fill a much-needed gap in the Voluntary Carbon Market. 

Hacken is a blockchain security auditor who has evaluated our smart contracts documentation, code quality assessment, test coverage, line-by-line inspection of the smart contracts code, and more.

Through this third party review we can affirm that ZeroSix provides the highest standard for blockchain security of any carbon project developer. With the completion of this audit, we are on track to launch later this year.

Please reach out to us via for inquiries.

To learn about the report visit: ZeroSix Audit Report

Zerosix Hacken 600 X 375

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