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Become a part of the climate solution, by turning inefficient hydrocarbon wells into zero-carbon assets.

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The ZeroSix Production Reserves Carbon Offset Protocol v1

Below you can download the full protocol and the executive summary.

‘Prospecting’ fossil reserves as high-quality carbon credits.

By following the stringent ZeroSix protocol, any operator in the oil & gas industry can create a significant amount of high-quality carbon credits, defined by:

  • Proof of Accuracy

    ZeroSix carbon credits are based on highly regulated government standards for reserves reporting. These proofs are automatically anchored to the Energy Web blockchain, making the process seamless for producers.

  • Proof of Additionality

    ZeroSix carbon credits are only created for proven reserves and producing wells that would otherwise have been extracted, refined, and burned.

  • Proof of Permanence

    Once plugged and abandoned, fossil fuels are never extracted. Through regulatory, operational, and legal components, we ensure that fossil fuels stay in the ground.

  • Transparency

    The full provenance and all proofs associated with the carbon credit are independently verifiable, bringing unprecedented transparency to the Voluntary Carbon Market.

The ZeroSix carbon credit can only be minted after following the ZeroSix protocol, ensuring the quality and verifiability of the credit, where 1 ZeroSix token = 1 tonne CO2e.

Basic requirements & token creation

The ZeroSix token is created only after the project owner has:

  • proven ownership of the well
  • proven additionality of the project
  • sought agreement from all stakeholders
  • sought regulatory approval
  • plugged the well
  • submitted all the necessary documentation to the ZeroSix platform

These steps, ensuring accuracy, additionality and permanence, are anchored to the Energy Web Chain (EWC) by storing documents on IPFS and securing the document hashes on the EWC, resulting in a full provenance trail. This yields a transparent carbon token, where anyone can independently verify the full provenance of a token, creating transparency in an opaque carbon credit market.

If all steps have been completed successfully, the ZeroSix ERC-1155 token is minted and assigned to the well owner. The well owner is then free to sell, retire, or hold the tokens.

EWC: The EWC is a low-cost and energy-efficient proof-of-authority blockchain built by and for the global energy sector.

ERC-1155: The ERC-1155 token allows for both fungible and non-fungible components. The non-fungible component includes information that is unique and specific to a token such as information about the well from which the token has been generated, this helps ensure traceability. The fungible component includes information that is uniform across all tokens, for example each token represents one tonne of CO2e. The fungible component helps ensure the tradability of the token. In other words, the ERC-1155 standard combines the best of both worlds.

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This is just the beginning.

Although we’re starting with a first tranche of ‘leave it in the ground’ fossil fuel-based carbon credits, that’s just the beginning. The ZeroSix solution is flexible. In the future, we anticipate onboarding other types of high-quality carbon credits, such as those generated from direct air capture (DAC) carbon dioxide removal solutions, among many others. These and other protocols will be governed by a fully decentralized and independent body.

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Download our whitepaper

The Digital Solution for a New Era of High-Quality Carbon Credits

With a groundbreaking focus on the U.S. oil & gas sector, ZeroSix incentivizes producers to leave their reserves unextracted and unburned, in exchange for blockchain-native, high-quality carbon credits.

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