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The digital solution for a new era of high-quality carbon credits

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We’re bringing unprecedented accuracy, additionality, permanence, and transparency to the voluntary carbon market (VCM). And we’re starting at the source: with the fossil fuels that account for the vast majority of greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions.

In a net-zero world, the most valuable barrels of oil and cubic feet of natural gas are those that remain in the ground—never extracted and never burned. Instead, we’re tapping the VCM to 'harvest' these resources as permanently protected carbon credits.

Sometimes, the greenest solutions come in earth tones.

What we do

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Oil & gas producers

Generate carbon credits for plugging inefficient, high-emitting wells

Inefficient wells are too often an economic and climate liability. Instead, you can ‘mine’ reserves differently, by permanently protecting them from extraction via a new zero-carbon fossil fuel value chain.

Carbon credit buyers

Reach your net-zero targets while shutting in fossil fuels forever

Scientists estimate that 60% of the world’s oil & gas reserves must be left in the ground—unextracted and unburned—through 2050 to stay within earth’s carbon budget. You can help make that a reality.

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Download our whitepaper

The Digital Solution for a New Era of High-Quality Carbon Credits

With a groundbreaking focus on the U.S. oil & gas sector, ZeroSix incentivizes producers to leave their reserves unextracted and unburned, in exchange for blockchain-native, high-quality carbon credits.

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