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About Us

We’re solving the net-zero emissions challenge of what’s above, by focusing on what stays below.

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At ZeroSix, we are scaling a digital solution for a new era of high-quality carbon credits. And we’re starting at the source: with the fossil fuels that account for the vast majority of greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions.

In a net-zero world, the most valuable barrels of oil and cubic feet of natural gas are those that remain in the ground—never extracted and never burned. We’re tapping into the power of voluntary carbon markets to permanently close wells and convert their shut-in reserves into carbon credits.

For 150 years of the modern oil and gas industry, the focus has been on surfacing, refining, and burning fossil fuels as the foundation of energy and economic prosperity. The evolution of modern renewable energy technologies such as solar PV and wind, plus the growing urgency of the climate crisis, mean that the next century and beyond of energy prosperity can and must look very different from the fossil-fueled growth the world has known until now.

Founded by fossil fuel industry veterans, we understand that the oil and gas industry needs to pivot to become part of the climate solution. That’s why ZeroSix was born.

The Story Behind Our Name

Our name — ZeroSix — is a reference to the net-zero future we are all creating together.

A net-zero world aligned to the 1.5ºC target of the Paris Agreement requires addressing both carbon dioxide (CO2) and methane (CH4). CO2 is the most abundant and longest-lived of human-caused greenhouse gases, while CH4 is a potent short-lived climate pollutant.

The common denominator between them is carbon, the sixth element on the Periodic Table. A net-zero future must therefore also be a zero-carbon future. The name ZeroSix keeps that mission always in focus.

The Team

  • Zerosix Team Martijn Dekker

    Martijn Dekker

    Chief Executive Officer

    Experienced energy industry executive with leadership expertise covering all aspects of upstream oil and gas and developing clean energy strategies. Former Vice-President Strategy & Portfolio at Shell, responsible for digitalization, carbon offsets, low carbon energy technologies, carbon capture and hydrogen.

  • Zerosix Team Arno Laeven

    Arno Laeven

    Chief Operating Officer

    Experienced leader on blockchain and enterprise since 2015. Founder and lead of blockchain teams at Royal Dutch Philips and Royal Dutch Shell. Advisor to Bosch, KLM and executive role at Energy Web Foundation. Expert reviewer for European Commission Horizon 2020 on blockchain.

  • Zerosix Team Ioannis Vlachos

    Ioannis Vlachos

    Chief Technology Officer

    Experienced energy industry professional focusing on digital transformation. Contributing member in European and international standardization bodies at the crossroads of energy and blockchain. Advisor to Ministries, National Regulatory Authorities, the European Commission, and international financial institutions, such as the EBRD and the World Bank.

  • Zerosix Team Sam Holroyd

    Sam Holroyd

    Chief Commercial Officer

    Experienced energy industry executive with extensive corporate, financial and technical leadership expertise. Independent board member of Chord Energy and Amerant bank, serving on several committees including the corporate sustainability committee. Former SunTrust Investment Banking (now Truist), TPG (Sixth Street Partners), Denham Capital, EIG and Shell.

  • ZeroSix Team Rob Condon

    Rob Condon

    Chief Financial Officer

    Experienced energy industry M&A advisor with 40 years of accounting, tax and private equity fund administration expertise. Guided PE fund managers and portfolio companies on their strategies for capital investment/formation, deal structuring and investor reporting. CPA and CM&AA with broad background in supporting mid-market management teams capturing high growth opportunities up and down the energy stream. Previously built and managed tax practices for Big Four and National firms.

  • Zerosix Team Scot Fraser

    Scot Fraser

    Strategic Advisor

    Growth executive with extensive experience in the energy and oil and gas sector. Previously advised governments on energy policy, advised PE companies on M&A targets and has advised service companies on global strategy. Business Sustainability management expertise and former Shell new ventures manager.

  • Zerosix Team Dail St Claire

    Dail St. Claire

    Strategic Advisor

    Institutional asset and wealth management strategist and an investment banker focused on sustainable investments and finance. Began career managing assets for New York City’s $240 billion pension funds. Co-Founder of Williams Capital, now the largest women- and minority-owned broker-dealer investment bank in the US.

  • Zerosix Team Luciana Monteiro

    Luciana Monteiro

    Head of Marketing & Communications

    Experienced Corporate and Investor Relations Executive, with a strong international background. Former Corporate Director and Head of Global Events and Media for the second largest commodities trading distribution company in the world and head of a social responsibility program that raised half million dollars in 4 countries.

  • Zerosix Team Ondrej Sestak

    Ondrej Sestak

    Head of Engineering

    Broad range of experience across the energy and finance sectors. Experienced reservoir engineer at Shell. Leading reserve reporting, oil and gas valuations and technical and financial valuations of energy projects. Expertise in Helium development, blue hydrogen generation, enhanced oil recovery, and carbon capture and utilization.

  • Zerosix Team Stephen Buskie

    Stephen Buskie

    Head of Finance and Planning

    Chartered Engineer and expert in digitization and big data within the energy industry. Formerly performance lead at BP, experienced in financial reporting of Production & Operations and Gas & Low Carbon businesses. Extensive reservoir engineering experience influencing billion-dollar investments, risk management and global capital allocation.

  • Zerosix Team Guus Visman

    Guus Visman

    Business Analyst

    Markets and competition economist and blockchain advisor. Previous experience includes enforcement official at the Authority for Consumer and Markets in (big tech) competition law cases and as a project advisor at the Dutch Blockchain Coalition. Special passion for new economy initiatives and empowering technologies.

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