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Launch of our Production Reserves Carbon Offset Protocol

Zerosix Satellite 07 S

We are thrilled to be part of a mission to transform the carbon market through Accuracy, Additionality, Permanence and Transparency.
On ZeroSix-ZeroSix (June 6th), we hosted a live webcast where guests had the opportunity to learn about our recently launched Protocol.
Below you can watch the video of the walk-through event and you can download the presentation and Q&A here.

Zerosix Satellite 08 S
Protocol webcast - Introductions [1 of 8]
Zerosix Satellite 02 S
Protocol webcast - Eligibility [2 of 8]
Zerosix Satellite 09 S
Protocol webcast - Additionality [3 of 8]
Zerosix Nature Sand S
Protocol webcast - Accuracy [4 of 8]
Zerosix Satellite 10 S
Protocol webcast - Permanence [5 of 8]
Zerosix Satellite 11 S
Protocol webcast - Transparency [6 of 8]
Zerosix Satellite 14 S
Protocol webcast - Leakage, Standards & Progress Report [7 of 8]
Zerosix Satellite 04 S
Protocol webcast - Q&A [8 of 8]

Don’t hesitate to reach out to us for any additional feedback on the protocol, or how we can help you in the ever-evolving energy transition at:

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